Dr. Valisa Thompson (Dr. V)

Dr. V is a management consultant, entrepreneur and communication’s expert who holds a Doctor of Education in Leadership and Master’s in Organizational Leadership. Her training is to help improve the internal operational processes of any organization. Her strengths include strategic focus, soft skills, effective communications, team dynamics and stakeholder collaboration. 

Dr. V currently provides consulting work for an education school system and a metro government agency.  In the schools she has helped develop strategies around parent and school partnerships. In the current COVID-19 and virtual environment these tools have proven to be essential. The outcome has created processes to improve communications, advocacy, and collaboration with families. Her work with metro government helped improve strategies to implement communications for a 2 million federal program that focuses on rental assistance for the community. 

Over a span of twenty years Dr. V has provided consulting for various industries including entertainment, nonprofits, government, among others. She has also consulted for a foundation that supports and educates diabetics, which has a high rate of health disparities in the African American community. Dr. V advised the leadership and provided strategic guidance for initiatives that improved the lifestyle of thousands of diabetics. 

Dr. V’s passion to serve is apparent in her volunteer efforts. She is always interested in providing her leadership skills to enhance the organizations she volunteers her time.  Her role as a board chair with a Nashville community health center and the chair with the American Red Cross are only two examples of her desire to serve vulnerable populations. 

Dr. V inherently believes that everyone deserves better opportunities that transcend beyond barriers to human dignity! While her master’s and doctorate degrees are credentials held in high regard, serving others is her ultimate aspiration.