Dr. Valisa Thompson, or more casually known as “Dr. V,” earned a Doctor of Education in Leadership from Trevecca University. She is on a mission to help improve business operations and customer relations that can be incorporated in any industry.



Dr. V’s mission is to encourage transformational change through specific operational and leadership training and management coaching.  Her work with educators, government, nonprofits, and corporations has a proven model for systematic improvements with organizational change, strategic focus and converting goals into actionable solutions.

Dr. V has worked as an entrepreneur in communications and strategic planning for over two decades. Life learning is one of her guiding principles. She believes that learning is a continuous process where valuable tools and strategies are ultimately created.  Her delivery model of training and coaching incorporates the 3-C vision to create successful business operations through:

  • Concise Goal Setting

  • Collaboration on Every Level 

  • Clear Communications 


Train leaders how to develop skills in cultural environment shifts, time management, team building and refine underdeveloped leadership skills, including effective communication, strategic thinking, and empathy


 Help business leaders, entrepreneurs, and nonprofit managers develop growth plans by advising, give ongoing feedback and strategize on a plan to meet operational objectives


Provide strategic plans for media and community outreach along with a plan for internal communication to enhance how employees and management interact to reach organizational goals 


“Dr. V worked with our school to help us set up stronger communication patterns among parents and teachers. Her expertise as a charter school parent and in the field give her the right eye to help a school bridge the parent to school communication gap.”

Mr. Matt Dempsey
Principal of RePublic High School


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